Hahn Robert G.

Homeopathy from a scientific and sceptic point of view

hahnRobert G. Hahn, MD, PhD
Stockholm, Sweden

Robert G. Hahn is a Swedish physician and researcher. He has never worked with homeopathy but scrutinized several meta-analyses of homeopathy performed by homeopaths and skeptics in a review article published in 2013. Hahn criticized several of the meta-analyses with negative outcome for being biased. He means that skeptics generally tend to distort the evidence for homeopathy instead of openly declaring that their problem is the lack of biological model for its action.

Dr. Hahn worked for 15 years as a hospital clinician before becoming professor of anesthesia and intensive care at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. After 13 years in that position, Hahn now serves as Research Director at a smaller hospital in the Stockholm area. His current research includes development and evaluation of clinically useful methods of monitoring fluid therapy and the detection of preoperative dehydration. Robert Hahn has authored more than 300 scientific articles and edited several books, the most recent "Clinical Fluid Therapy in the Perioperative Setting" (2nd Ed, Cambridge University Press 2016). He has an interest in the scientific validity of the argumentation for and against homeopathy among believers and disbelievers.